6. januar 2017

University of Copenhagen Team Up for Dual PhD Program

Extract from an article on Thehorse.com

In the summer of 2015, Jasmin Bagge from Denmark, became the first student enrolled in the program at University of Kentucky.

The University of Kentucky (UK), in Lexington, and the University of Copenhagen, in Denmark, have a long history of research collaborations.

Photo of Jasmin BaggeA few years ago, the two universities extended this history by partnering to offer a dual doctoral degree program. In the summer of 2015, Jasmin Bagge, DVM, from Denmark, became the first student enrolled in the program.

James MacLeod, VMD, PhD, John S. and Elizabeth A. Knight chair and professor of veterinary science at the UK Gluck Equine Research Center, serves as Bagge’s co-mentor at UK. Across the pond, Lise Berg, DVM, PhD, associate professor in applied clinical biomedical sciences, and Denis Verwilghen, DVM, MSc, PhD, DES, Dipl. ECVS, associate professor, are Bagge’s co-mentors at the University of Copenhagen.

Jasmin Bagge came to UK with a strong interest in equine orthopedic injuries. A dressage rider, she is particularly excited about the future of stem cells and regenerative medicine to facilitate the repair of tissues following injury. The University of Copenhagen is paying for Bagge’s tuition, stipend, and some research funding—a bonus of entering the dual degree program.

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